In conversation with some of the most interesting personalities in a variety of fields, I help my audience uncover the secrets to success that my guests have worked tirelessly to learn and apply.
I brings burning questions that audiences have for these individuals as we discuss the intricacies of various careers, professions and life experiences.
How to become an actor, entrepreneur & influencer Parul Gulati

Parul Gulati is the TV actress, an entrepreneur, model and an influencer. She is seen in a web…

How confusion after college lead Divyanshu Damani start 3 Ventures?

Divyanshu Damani is a social media influencer, A vlogger, entrepreneur, traveller, speaker, scuba diver, skier, and a believer….

How I started SWISH BOSS in my teens video : Simran Bhatia

Find out how she created a fashion empire in this series of Voices, stay tuned for more episodes…

How to home-bake Cakes and Create a Company? Chocotarian – Surbhi Jain

Surbhi Jain founder of chocotarian believes in maintaining strict hygiene levels and premium ingredient quality where her home…

Worlds largest offline social network, IIMUN – Rishabh Shah

Rishabh Shah is the man behind IIMUN, an organisation with 26,000 young organisers who put together student conferences…

Why do you read books? |Seeken

SEEKEN is the number 1 book summaries channel on Youtube India, talks about why should not only read…

SEEKEN – Read these books to become successful

SEEKEN is the founder talks about the top 5 books you should read to become successful in your…

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