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My Story

Raj comes out amidst the people who have no great shakes in their lives and are totally unclear about where this life is taking them to. He had dreams but highly vague direction. His thirst for knowledge, travel, learning and success kept him going no matter how many hardships came his way.

He will make you believe in yourself much more than you do and feel especial and noteworthy while you experience his journey from being one of those teenagers who are just too lazy to do anything but only manage to pass with 45-50% of grades, till such fascinating things he has done in no time.

Raj is a tycoon of words and a Well of thoughts. He is skilled in helping people apply correct wisdom, with the best tools and strategies for our new era. As a speaker passionate about equipping people towards becoming and being their best, Raj has studied pages, minds and the society and is currently using what he learnt to fortify people practically and aesthetically. Raj is enthusiastically focused on causing positive results on his audience. Since he realized his potential years ago, he has inspired thousands of people in over 18 countries all over the world.



Top 5 young influencers of India

Meet Raj Shamani: That Useless Kid’ That’s On A Mission To Make People Useful

Raj Shamani: The ‘Useless Kid’ Influencing The World One Person At A Time


What Raj Shamani Learns about Business, Family and Brands by Experimenting on Himself

30 minutes Listening to Raj Shamani Will Prepare Youth better for Real-world Family & Business Nuances Than 3 Years in College

Gary Vaynerchuk with Raj Shamani

Brian Tracy with Raj Shamani

Blair Singer with Raj Shamani


Work With Me


As an international executive keynote speaker, Raj’s mandate is to get the chord that strikes his audience most and use that to connect them with ‘the correct or ideal’ idea. Interestingly his

ideas come with simple tools, strategies and follow up!

A Keynote speech according to your specialty or needs

Also, Raj engages in 100% brand and product representation, improved marketing schemes and great nuggets on the things that matters most to people.

He takes the idea and gives it flesh in words.

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Unlike what you may already have in mind; Raj is not some unique story man with a cart full of magic words. He is an individual who has seen enough of dump to identify real stuff and the good news is that he is willing to share that real stuff with everyone.

He does hosting and storytelling services for corporate institutions, schools, communities, groups, etc.

Raj believes that “there is a story for every live situation”. What matters is whether you are able to get the right story to push you in the right direction.

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Raj also connects with the world via his Voices with Raj show. The episodes of this motivational Q&A talk show feature great talents along with world’s and India’s most influential personalities.

Raj hosts this show as a pointer towards the greatness that seemingly common men have achieved and how everyone could connect to their strategies.

People can become successful when they practice the laws of success and Raj is dedicated to showing the world how to do so with shows and film making.

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What People Say

Walid Halty: (Co-founder of Dvinci Energy , backed by 7.2 Billion dollars), USA

Raj speaks from the heart and soul. You can tell he really cares while also providing cutting-edge value to the audience – which is very rare. It was quite the experience to see him speak and an honor to share the stage with him.

Angel Podar: Youth Ambassador, Europe

Apart from being a source of inspiration, Raj has the best combination of humour, high energy, goosebumps-giving storytelling and charisma you will ever see in a speaker. Not only will he spoil your ears, body and mind with his talks; you will get to keep his level of excitement for a quite long time ahead!

Denisa Filip: Leads Youngest Robotics team in Southeast Europe

Raj’s way of speaking keeps you very entertained and engaged, making you strive to hear more. You can hear his passion and determination in his words and you can see it in his eyes and gestures. With every speech he’s giving he’s working and pushing harder and harder for what he loves to do, whilst inspiring and having a great impact on everybody who listens to him.

Yahya Bootwala: India’s number one Poet, India

Raj is an extremely warm person and at the same time great with conversations
It is always fun to have a chit-chat session with him

Shwetabh Gangwar (MENSUTRA):

Raj has the vision, the ferocity to chase after it, and unbelievable talent to back it up. He is the next generation of game changer in the making.

Rebeca Popa: Youth Ambassador, Europe

What I’ve found quite interesting and what I’ve enjoyed most at Raj’s sessions were his energy and his amazing ability of capture people’s attention in such way that everybody would listen to what he has to say, which is very important knowing that his words had a strong impact on the participants.

Jason Nana Asare: Entrepreneurship Enthusiast, Babson College, USA

Global citizen is a word I would use to describe to Raj. He is way more than that though… energetic, inspiring and most importantly a young man who is always ready to share with the world!

Anda Lupau: Youth Ambassador, Europe

Raj Shamani is one of the best trainers I’ve ever had. His sessions helped me so much and changed my point of view over some subjects and showed me that there are no big cliches and you can turn everything that is meaningless in something different.

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