Dare to dream.

Raj comes out amidst the people who have no great shakes in their lives and are totally unclear about where this life is taking them to. He had dreams but highly vague direction. His thirst for knowledge, travel, learning and success kept him going no matter how many hardships came his way.

He will make you believe in yourself much more than you do and feel especial and noteworthy while you experience his journey from being one of those teenagers who are just too lazy to do anything but only manage to pass with 45-50% of grades, till such fascinating things he has done in no time.

Being a twenty-year-young, he has spoken in India, Romania, USA, Austria, Singapore and many more countries and has left people delightfully inspired and moved by his sessions while he makes them interestingly interactive. He was just seventeen when he started working with some renowned firms like Jaguar, Land Rover, TATA and several chemical associations. He has been keenly participating in many global events including Forbes, Ink, TED and has buoyed up an associate consultant program at United Nations, Vienna. He learned in depth and how an individual can bring positive change regardless their situations.

He is a zealous, conscientious, ambitious and dreams-oriented visionary who believes in people’s passion and their power to change the world for nothing but the best. You will be captivated to see how he gives the best direction to people through prodigious motivation while speaking out his bracing experiences and knowledge and helps them notch-up their dreams.

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Lost in your life? (in 5 mins, make your own path to success)

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I have a Dream

Raj sees this world absolutely sustainable, with no hunger, no poverty and purpose-oriented education in near future with his most prioritized ambition to make every youngster’s dreams come to reality by actually making them follow their passion in an ideal way and making sure they are happy and content with it. He does that in a manner you will love to experience. Only this youth can bring this craved change and Raj is the back-talk to it. He drills in honesty, integrity, curiosity, positivity, punctuality and communication skills in the minds because he believes that only these minds can make this world a better place for us and coming-up generations to live.

What he receives out of all this? Money? No. He only receives happiness and contentment. That surely has a lot more worth than money. You can get the same without actually spending and become one of those wonderful minds. Change is just a click away.

Be the change

Be the change


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Raj doesn’t give speeches, he connects and believes in creating an experience which inspires people to get better, because no matter who we are or what label we put we all are going through the same stuff.
Email: rajshamani29@gmail.com